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Director of Curriculum: Beth Jones

The goal of the Livingston Parish Public School System is educational excellence. Our instructional programs are focused to meet the needs of our student population and the requirements of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary education.

The elementary program of studies consists primarily of required basic education courses. An emphasis is placed on Language Arts and Mathematics in kindergarten through 5th grades. Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Fine Arts are also included in the daily schedule. Foreign Language programs are offered at various elementary schools.

Students in the middle school grades receive instruction in the core curriculum, reading, English, math, science and social studies, as well as a variety of electives and/or exploratory courses. The middle schools currently offer a variety of programs and instructional approaches that work to meet each middle school students' individual academic and emotional needs.

Our high schools are changing with the High School Redesign movement. We are focusing on increasing graduation rates, reducing dropout rates, and making the curriculum rigorous and relevant to real life in our rapidly changing world. Livingston Parish high schools have taken many steps toward the goal of reform.

The LPPS Curriculum Department assists in professional development opportunities and the implementation of various programs. Supervisors and curriculum coordinators visit the schools and give assistance and support to the principals and teachers. We are committed to excellence!

Curriculum Staff Contact Information and Responsibilities

Beth Jones
Director of Curriculum
 686-4237 K-12 Curriculum
EEF & SIP Funds,
Approval of Conferences, Pupil Progression Plan

PreK - 5th Grade Staff 

Stacey Milton
Supervisor of Instruction 
[email protected]
686-4302 Pre-K Program
Early Childhood Network Lead Agency
Julie Norris 
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4265 Pre-K Program
Early Childhood Network Lead Agency
Lynette Wheat
Supervisor of Instruction
[email protected]
686-4202 Elementary
Math/Science Supervisor
Shanna Steed
Supervisor of Instruction
[email protected]
686-4290  Elementary
ELA/Social Studies Supervisor
Courtney Borland
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
 686-4341 Elementary
ELA/Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
Shannon Stout Nettles
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4342  Elementary
ELA/K-2 Reading Curriculum Coordinator
Pam Olah
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4340  Elementary
Math/Science Curriculum Coordinator
Jo Kay Tullos
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4298  Elementary
ELA/Science Curriculum Coordinator

6th - 8th Grade Staff

Dwayne Dykes
Supervisor of Instruction
686-4298  Middle School Supervisor
English as a Second Language Supervisor
Scarlet Monteleone
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4292  Middle School
ELA/Social Studies/Science  Curriculum Coordinator
Jennifer Vicknair
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4291 Middle School
Math Curriculum Coordinator

9th-12th Grade Staff

Kelly Jones
Supervisor of Instruction
[email protected]
686-4231 High School Supervisor
9th-12th Grade Instructional Coaches
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Staci Clement
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4253 High School Curriculum Curriculum
ATV Safety
Foreign Exchange Student Program
Fair Liaison
Brandi Desselle
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
686-4289 Career and Tech Education Coordinator
 K-12 Staff
Cindy Bergeron
[email protected]
 686-4299  Curriculum Department Secretary
Kelly Labauve
Supervisor of Instruction
[email protected]
 686-4294 Assessment & Accountability
District Test Coordinator
Marcia McKnight
504/Dyslexia Coordinator
[email protected]
Ext. 145
Spencer Harris
[email protected]
686-4220  Child Welfare
Driver's Education
Adult Education